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Glass Cleaner


Glass Cleaner

Quantity Type: 5 Liter

Container Type: Cane

Suitable For: Mirror Clean, Car Mirror, Bike Mirror Etc.




Roxxon Cleaners’ glass cleaner provides unmatched clarity for your windows, mirrors and glass surfaces. Specially formulated with advanced cleaning agents, it easily removes stubborn stains, grease and grime, and leaves a streak-free shine. Engineered to deliver optimal results with minimal effort, this powerful cleaner ensures a crystal-clear finish every time.Its fast-drying formula saves time while its refreshing scent leaves your space clean and revitalized. Trust glass cleaners from Roxxon Cleaners to deliver exceptional clarity and shine, leaving your glass surfaces as shiny as never before. Experience the difference with Roxxon Cleaners’ Glass Cleaner – the ultimate solution for pristine glass surfaces.


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